Advanced Silver Nanoparticles

We developed a viable and cost-effective process to manufacture silver nanoparticles (Ag-NPs) enabling us to exploit the current and forecasted future demand for silver nano particles to produce competitively priced products for local and regional end users.

  • Synthesized by the most efficient green biological route
  • Efficient average particle size: 20 nm
  • Various concentrations up to 2500 ppm.
  • Various applications and industries
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Customized Packaging

Disinfectants industries

Health and medical field

Food & beverages industries

Textile industries

Our Production

Our production capacity is 1,250 Tons per year of 2,500 ppm concentrated Colloidal Silver (Ag-NPs). We are able to produce 1,250 Tons per year from the highest concentration of 2500 ppm working only a single shift. Our recommended concentration for the use as disinfectant applications is 100 ppm, so our production is 31,250 Tons per year from 100 ppm concentration. This quantity can be used to disinfect an area of 3.1 Billion m2 (3,125 Km2).

0 nm
Average Particle Size
Up to 2500 PPM
Tons Yearly Production Capacity

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